Thursday, July 15, 2010

Embedded Schedules in Revit 2011

Some of you expert Revit Architects might be wondering just what in the heck I'm talking about when I mention "Embedded Schedules" in Revit. This feature is currently only available in Revit MEP 2011.

It is possible however to generate a nested schedule in Revit MEP for use in the Revit Architecture product... you just wont be able to modify the nested schedule unless you open the model in Revit MEP 2011...

Revit MEP 2011 supports nesting schedules beneath Rooms, Spaces, and MEP Systems. This basically allows the user to report elements in the model grouped by Room, Space, or System while showing whatever data they choose for the parent as well as the child elements... confused yet?

First start by creating a new Room schedule in Revit MEP 2011. Select the parameters that you want to see for rooms and then select the "Embedded Schedule" tab...

To really see how this feature works, set the "Number" parameter as "Group By" and select "Header" and "Blank Line"

Then in the "Embedded Schedule" tab, check both the "Embedded Schedule" and "Show categories from all disciplines" checkboxes. Now you can choose the category that you want to schedule within rooms. Click the "Embedded Schedule Properties" button to select the parameters and general schedule settings that you want to use for your embedded schedule.

And finally... here's what we end up with...

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