Sunday, October 17, 2010

A BIM Based Facility and Workplace Management Web Site

If you want the details on how to build your own BIM Based Facility and Workplace Management Web Site, you'll have to attend my class in Autodesk University 2010 in Las Vegas.

Most notably, I will demonstrate how a 32 bit Microsoft Access database can be directly connected to and edited from a 64 bit session of Autodesk Revit Architecture using no special drivers or crazy configurations... The resulting database can then be used to serve the BIM Based Facility and Workplace Management Web Site.

I will be demonstrating how a BIM model can be configured and managed from a web environment. Notable page configurations will include:
  • A Searchable Employee Locator
  • 3D Floor Plan Device Query
  • Inventory Management
  • Energy Meter Management (Readings, etc), Graphical
  • How to manage external data using rooms as the parent element

1 comment:

  1. Don - I'm trying to run DynamiLink on Revit Architecture 2012 with a 64bit system. I'm getting an error message about the installation of the hotfix, which I have already installed. Is there something I'm missing?