Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 10 Excuses All BIM Managers Hate

Do you have any users that refuse to follow the modernized BIM way of doing things and insist on using their outdated "proven" 2D garbage ways of doing things, yet complain about how the whole BIM craze is oversold and not worth their trouble? Do you remember the excuses they offer?... Do you think they are as funny as I do?...

Hopefully after reading this post you will stop wanting to stuff your head in a garbage disposal and dumping a gallon of boiling bleach in your wounds:

10. ) "If Revit can't handle an exploded 3D AutoCAD mesh of my custom imported roofing structure, then we need to find a better software to help us get our $hit done!!!" [slamming fists on table and storming out of the room]

9. ) "What is wrong with having a pile of elements off to the side of my building on each of the 63 levels of my model? It makes it easier for me to grab and place them where I need them in my design.... I didn't know that would upset the construction bid consultant"

8. ) "I turn my model background black so I can see my yellow walls better..."
7. ) Consultant: "I couldn't print my sheets because I didn't know where your firm's standard pen table was..."

6. ) "Drafting elevations in AutoCAD is so much easier... how are you supposed to reference in the plan view so you know where everything lines up in elevation?... I would have been done days ago in AutoCAD, sorry."

5. ) "I don't Sync to Central because every time I do, all this other crap pops up in my drawing that get in the way..."

4. ) "I was cleaning the rooms out of my schedule to display the rooms only on level 4 and now they are all gone in the model... I didn't know that would delete them from the model"
3. ) "If I knew you wanted to use Navisworks on this project, I would have not built all 127 lighting fixture families as 2D... DAMMIT... tell me next time!!!!"

2. ) "Drafted my door schedule in lines and text because I didn't know how else to get my drafted doors to show up in the schedule..."

And the number one excuse I hear that never fails to cheer me up....

1. ) "If this were anything like AutoCAD, I'd be done with my plan views and ready to start manually drafting my sections, elevations, and details... this crap is SLOW!"