Friday, February 18, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Chuck Norris Would be a Great BIM Manager

I realize that I haven't posted any API stuff lately. I've been tied up with the BETA's as well as writing the API chapter for the next installment of "Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012"... Look for an essential post later this month on converting rooms to masses without tessellation (super fast).

It's amazing how much of a BIM Manager's time is taken up daily to cater to the occasional user's laziness or lack of fear. If BIM Manager's were more like Chuck Norris, our jobs would be amazingly more efficient and productive [wink]... So here are the top ten reasons on why I think Chuck Norris would be an excellent BIM Manager:

10.) User's would never miss a deadline for fear that they might have to become victim to his wrath

9.) Plotter's would never fail or run out of paper where Chuck Norris is BIM Manager

8.) Getting user's to pay attention in training sessions would never be easier

7.) Why?... Chuck Norris, that's why!

6.) Chuck Norris doesn't miss deadlines because they work only within HIS schedule!

5.) Chuck Norris could improve the functionality of Revit simply by starring it down

4.) All constraints would always be satisfied or die a painful round-house death

3.) No Revit model under Chuck Norris' responsibility would ever think of containing an error or perform slowly

2.) Chuck Norris would tell families to build themselves, and they would

1.) Not even Revit would dare give warnings to Chuck Norris