Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CASE Monthly Free Add-In for May

As most of you are aware, CASE offers a free Revit Add-In every month for you guys to play with. We post the installers on http://apps.case-inc.com/. We only require that you please register in order to gain access to the installers.

These installers require that you paste the provided installation link into Internet Explorer. No other browser will properly install the tool as we use Microsoft ClickOnce technology to handle the installers so you don't have to have Administrative permissions to do so. Since Revit requires Internet Explorer to function as well, this shouldn't be too tough of a requirement for you guys to meet.

Month of May Free Add-In - External Wall Facing Direction

The free Add-In for May (Revit 2012) originates from a request that came in from @ElrondBurrell via Twitter land. He wanted a tool that could report the directionality of all out facing external walls, so that's what this tool does. We might post an update eventually that includes windows and doors, but for now it only works on walls who's Function parameter is set to External.

The parameter selections listed in the top right offer a means to push the data into the selected parameter for each wall element. Be careful with this one as it will overwrite the data in that parameter for all walls as soon as you hit OK. Don't worry though, you can always undo if you need to.

If you choose to write the data out as an Angle, the angles start at North as 0 and go clockwise around up to 360.

Watch for the Twitter announcement at or around May 1 for the public release of this tool as well as future tools that we offer from your friends at @case_inc.

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