Tuesday, November 30, 2010

San Francisco Wins HOK Best Visualization!!!

That's right... HOK San Francisco's own Travis Schmiesing won the 2010 HOK BIMie award for Best Visualization by a LANDSLIDE! Not only did he and Brian Campbell do all the work themselves, Travis presented their work and left the room in awe! The Animation presented was AMAZING. Truly professional!!

The project titles of which were presented have to be left anonymous for the time being, but each left us all speechless!! These projects will hopefully be given clearance to be mentioned in a later post on hokbimsolutions.blogspot.com !!

Four awards  were handed out in four distinct categories(winners from from left to right!!!):

Category C - Best Collaboration
Irena Zamozniak from the HOK Toronto Office (a real example of raising the bar)!!!

Category A - Best Concept Design:
Kevin Shumbera from the HOK Houston Office (he got lucky)!!!

Category B - Best Design Delivery
Travon Price out of the Washington D.C. Office (really cool presentation)!!!!!!

Category D - Best Visualization
Travis Schmiesing from my home San Francisco team office (... it was... "ok" :)  )!!!

Many thanks to the buildingSMART and ATG team as well as all of the sponsors and associated partners that helped kick the event over to the next level!!!

A truly successful event!!

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