Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Well I'm finally back and unwound from the trip to Las Vegas where I taught my first class for Autodesk University.

From what I could tell, about 140 (93 people completed a survey for me - THANKS) of the 186 that signed up for the class actually showed up and surprisingly, my speaker rating is an overall 4.469 out of 5! The comments people left were mostly right on point and next time I'll avoid the live code scrolling and slap the key stuff on some super duper slides and maybe even add some sound FX to keep people's senses going.

I just wished I had more than a tiny 60 minutes to present all the madness... I left a ton of information out of the presentation due to timing constraints... Oh well (enough complaining)...

William Lopez Campo mentioned my class as his favorite (I think he's just being nice ;) in his recently famous blog post entitled "AU 2010: My top 5 lists"... I have to say I read the whole post and couldn't agree more with what he wrote in there... right on point.

It was also really cool to meet all the industry badasses in regards to BIM in person (too many of them to name... you know who you are).

So the class was entitled "Leveraging the Tail End of the BIM Life Cycle with APIs" and was centered around how to build a powerful web environment where people could directly interact with data in a BIM model and even synchronize modified data back into the model if they so chose.

I'll be elaborating on this topic in future posts so don't go anywhere!!