Thursday, December 9, 2010

Schedule Accumulated Road Centerline Lengths in Revit

Another NON API Post!!! Don't worry, I haven't converted...

Have you ever needed to schedule some sort of element's accumulated linear distance?... Say like a whole bunch of road centerlines for curb costing?... Here's a quick tip on how you can do just that?...

First create a new wall type and name it something like "Roads_CenterLine" and set it's construction width to something very skinny... say 0.05mm
Set the "Type Mark" for this new wall type to "RoadCenterline"... we'll use this to filter our schedule later.

Next draw or trace all of your road centerlines using this new wall type. Make sure that all of the walls that you draw using this new wall type are no taller than your cut plane in your view (very short). A wall height of 1mm works great.

Create a view filter based on the name of this wall and apply it to your current view. We'll use this to override the display of the walls so that when plotted they will look like a real centerline.
Apply the filter to your view and override the filter's display to whatever you want. My example modifies the linetype to a centerline...

Your centerline walls should look something like this one now:
So you obviously need to schedule the accumulated lengths of these centerlines, so create a new wall schedule and add the "Length" and "Family Type" fields.
Filter walls by "Type Mark" using contains "RoadCenterline" as the filter means.

Set the Grand Totals checkbox in the "Sorting/Grouping" tab so you get the totals.

Now hide the "Type Mark" field since you're only using it as a quantification filter.
Now check the "Calculate totals" box for the "Length" field... this is how we calculate the totals.
You're done! Your schedule should resemble something like this one:
BIM is easy...

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