Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come Book an Appointment to Master Revit

Well... it's already that time of year again... The Autodesk annual software releasals event that you've all been waiting for (patiently I hope). We have a new book out this year and while the name isn't a total representation of how creative we are at our day jobs, is a very creative and enlightening perspective on how to master Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012!

Be sure to check out the best chapter in the whole book, chapter 25!!
"Getting Acquainted with the API"

Buy your copy today (...using the link to the right please ;)

You may want to buy one for every room in your house... your friends will be absolutely envious!! They also make great gifts to relatives and even better gifts for anniversaries and graduations!! Collect 'em all!!!

And if you bring your copy to Revit Technology Conference USA 2011 in Huntington Beach, CA... we (the main authors... and then me) might even autograph them for you!!... Registration is now open!!

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