Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thou Shall Read Thy Dialog Box!!

This may appear to be a ridiculous post to most... but you would be amazed as to how many people call me to fix something with their model when they get a popup dialog that they have not seen before. They could solve their own problems 99% of the time if they would just simply READ the dialog box.

It really gets me though when people never read any warnings or dialogs at all and just close them no matter what. These are the people that tend to destroy stuff and don't even know it!

So please... if you're new to Revit or have been doing this stuff for 20 years... please... PLEASE read the dialogs and warning popups all the time!

...or the code ninjas will get you!!! I'm planning to start placing random jokes in my dialogs to urge people to want to start reading dialog boxes... I wish Autodesk could do the same