Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Revit 2011 Worksharing User Name

Do you have a bunch of public workstations that your users use to access workshared Revit 2011 models? Have you ever noticed that the name that displays in the worksharing monitor does not match the actual user's name?... Well this is an issue that has been resolved in Revit 2012 but is till annoying in Revit 2011.

So if you're still wondering how to change this name (sigh), you can adjust it to read anything you like... just be careful that you do not have two names in any two machines that are the same and have the same model loaded at the same time (this really jacks up how Revit 2011 worksharing works and will cause some dumb stuff...)

So if you have a bunch (or just one) public walk-up or training machines that people use to access workshared Revit 2011 models, enter a name in the user name field that is descriptive as to the machine's use or location:

  • San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Champion Test Machine #1
  • Training #1
  • 197th Floor Spaceship Walk-up
  • Etc.

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