Monday, May 2, 2011

Revit Tip, Ceiling Displays Messed up by Tall Furniture

Have you ever had an issue where your ceilings do not display correctly when you have elements that you need to show in your ceiling plans that are taller than your cut-plane? This is a common issue worth discussing, so here's one of many ways to get your displays fixed...

Issue: Tall cabinets that will obstruct lighting design cause unwanted breaks in the ceiling patterns. You do not want to raise the cut plane because it makes your door openings display incorrectly.

In this case, the ceiling is placed at 9'-6", the furniture causing the display issue is 8'-0" tall and the RCP view cut plane needs to be set at 7'-6". The image below shows how the grid pattern is broken incorrectly by the tall furniture element:

Solution: Use a series of "Plan Regions" and set their View Range to the necessary height so that the ceiling above these items displays correctly. The image below shows the correct plan display for the ceiling pattern:

This issue was resolved by placing a Plan Region over the tall furniture item and setting the cut plane to 8'-0"

Draw the region around the necessary area and set the cut plane's height to the height that you require.